Advance Notice GLSW Scouts will be holding their Scout’s Cooking Competition on Sunday 10th October at 1st Hook HQ.
We are looking for the best three course meal produced by a good team. Start practising and enter your team. #skillsforlife

Theme: “Olympic Cookery”
Every year, the County Cooking Competition devises a different and hopefully, topical theme for teams to try. The competition is very simple. It’s all about having a go. It doesn’t matter how young or inexperienced the team is, just come along and get cooking. By all means do some research into the type of dishes chosen, take advice from Leaders and parents, perhaps have a go at preparing dishes beforehand, but teams do NOT need to be experienced chefs ! (In the past few years we have had a number of teams entered who have been under 12 years in age and have all done incredibly well – when Scouts put their minds to it, they can cook extremely competently and produce some stunning dishes).
In Summer 2020, the Olympic Games will take place in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. For that reason, we have chosen the theme of this year’s competition to reflect the culinary traditions of any of the 206 countries expected to take part. In addition, your menu must include dishes from at least two
different entering countries. For instance, you could have your starter and dessert traditionally made in one country and your main course emanating from a second. You could even choose three different countries – one for each course. You will gain marks for attempting a more diverse menu.
You will need to consider the nutritional content of your menu, does it provide proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates in a balanced way ? What about the origin of ingredients ? How did you select them ? What tastes had you in mind ? There is no limit when planning your menu. (It would be most helpful if you could also provide a few paragraphs, on a sheet of A4 paper, telling us why you have chosen your particular menu). There will also be a special award, for the team who
have made, in the judges’ opinion, an extra special effort in this respect