Beavers: Ages 6-8 years

This is currently the youngest section in Sutton District and like all other sections is open to boys and girls.
The Beaver Section, or Colony as it is known, consists of small groups of Beavers called lodges. The lodges normally have between 4 to 6 Beavers in them. The maximum size of any Beaver colony is 24 children. When your child joins, the Beaver Leader will place your child into a lodge, this enables them to make friends easily and have lots of fun doing so.
Throughout their two years in the colony they will undertake a wide selection of activities and will earn badges from our challenge and activity badge schemes. They could have the opportunity to attend a sleepover and it may be the first time they spend a night away from home!

The challenge and activity badges they earn, will be proudly displayed on their uniform.
Whilst earning their badges they will learn and take part in:

  • Outdoor activities
  • The world around them
  • Caring for themselves
  • Life long skills

This will ultimately lead to the presentation of section’s highest award The Chief Scouts Bronze Award

Chief Scouts Bronze Award

When they are approaching 8 the section leader will contact the Cub Leader and arrange a transfer and prepare them to move onto the next section of Cub Scouts

The times for our colonies vary according to where they meet

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